Northern Academics

The Story

This story is simple. As a life-long student and educator, I’ve always felt that learning is a gift and something that should be fun and anticipated. If students can find a love for learning, have educators who present subjects properly, and are given a chance to explore academia in a challenging and insightful way, invigorated minds will start making sense of what was once thought unknowable, self-worth is lifted, confidence builds, and limits begin to be tested and expand.

My primary goal has always been to provide these motivators for my students. Northern Academics is the realization of years of thoughts on what tutoring, education, and exploration of scientific topics could look like. Our mission will always be (1): to provide innovative, interesting, and invigorating supplemental and alternative education, (2) to administer high-quality educational practices and services at affordable rates, and (3) to foster an open, accepting, and functional space for scientific and scholastic research, discussions, and projects.


After many years of teaching and tutoring throughout the community, a decision was made to find dedicated public space to fulfill the goal of providing idealistic levels of educational stewardship. Our brick-and-mortar location is a place to discuss and find interest in the hard sciences, to receive a thoughtful education in math and physical concepts, to find resources and guidance, to help find a student’s potential, and to serve as a support station for all material and virtual educational needs for scholastic and STEM-based projects.

The Staff

Jason Teichman

At present, I’m the staff. There are a few educators that are more than willing to come on board, and as the needs arise, these folks will surely be integrated into the venture.

Teaching has been a large part of the majority of my life. My earliest memory is of arranging stuffed animals in a seating pattern and presenting my nine-year-old ideas by way of some make-shift presentation board. Eventually, I went on to teach martial arts in high school and in the military, instruct soldiers and sailors on a variety of topics, and have blissfully spent the better part of my later years guiding all ages and levels of students through their journeys in the often challenging worlds of math and physics.


 I began my academic career being raised by progressively educated parents and being taught by Boston’s magnet school system. During an active stint in the military, a satellite program at the University of Maryland provided my first college courses. I loved every second of those classes, and after my time in the service, I eventually found myself attending Northwestern Michigan College on my way to a bachelors in secondary education. With the program was almost completed, my love for the beauty of mathematics was obvious and I switched gears to receive a bachelors degree in applied mathematics through Ferris State University. The next twelve years found me growing as an educator through tutoring and teaching assignments both personally and through NMC. After a six-year hiatus where I served as a civilian scientist for the U.S. Navy in southern Mississippi and abroad, and after the completion of a masters in applied physics from the University of New Orleans, I returned to Traverse City to once again teach and tutor throughout our community.

As an educator and scientist, my interests vary greatly. And although I treasure science and mathematics with the respect and dedication of a life spent loving numbers and physical interactions, my greatest smiles have often come from time spent with my family and friends, riding our scenic roads, enjoying live performances, and watching our town get covered in snow.