Academic Programs

We are pleased to offer a few programs designed to support the distinct needs of the community and promote academic strength, purpose, and enlightenment in the areas of math and science. 

Semester-Based Curriculum Program

A time-tested program designed for home-schooled students looking to fulfill education requirements in math and physics. 

A student in this program can expect an innovative and full-service instruction in Michigan Department of Education curriculum requirements for students in middle- and high-school levels. Students will be prepared for and encouraged to take all state-administered testing as they are made available. 

Courses will traditionally start in the Fall and follow the standard local school year. Classes will meet twice a week and students will be required to actively participate in discussions, regularly submit homework, and present projects and additional assignments. Parents and guardians will receive comprehensive reports of their students’ progress throughout the year.

 The courses for the semesters will be available and arranged as follows:


Fall Semester (End of Aug - Mid December)

Math Fundamentals I

Spring Semester (Early January - Early June)

Math Fundamentals II


Fall Semester

Algebra I

Spring Semester

Algebra II


Fall Semester

Introduction to Physics I

Spring Semester

Introduction to Physics II


Fall Semester

Financial Math
Physics I

Spring Semester

Probability and Statistics
Physics II

All classes will be available every school year. Students can start in any year that complements their skill levels; this assessment will be made before the school year begins. Class session scheduling TBD.

After-School Program

We will be offering after-school presentation and study sessions with limited openings. Sign up early!

The after-school program on offers students of all skill levels the time and guidance to do homework, work on scholastic and personal projects, or explore a wide range of resources and ongoing activities or research.

Summer Physics Camp

Don’t miss out on a chance for your student to stay fresh with their skills while interactively learning about everyday physical phenomena. If summer school seems like a drag and eyes begin to roll, mention that their hands will be deep in Oobleck, there will be an egg-drop competition with a prize package, and they may have a chance to capture a unique picture of a hair-raising event using electricity (permission required). Frankly, every session will provide the fuel for memorable moments that will surely spark imaginations and keep numbers and physical science at the tip of their tongues…which will also be used in an experiment involving taste buds.

Two camp levels will be available, middle-school and high-school, each with eight (8), two-hour sessions scheduled weekly from mid-June to early August. The deadline for applications is June 10, 2024. Each course will have a maximum occupancy of six (6) students.

Custom Programs

A customized program can be arranged. We can look at your needs and time and structure a schedule and curriculum that fits. 

Tuition & Costs

Each student receive consistent, experienced, and compassionate stewardship as they navigate a program designed to provide an above-par education. A student in any of our programs will be provided all materials needed to complete assignments, and access to an ever-growing array of equipment and technology designed to facilitate sessions and deeper learning. 

Tuition will be expected to be paid by the end of the program or school year, and a variety of payment scheduling options are available. 


Curriculum Program

The tuition for the math curriculum program is 
$640 per semester (32 sessions) per student.
The tuition for the physics curriculum program is 
$960 per semester (32 classroom sessions/16 lab sessionsper student. 

There is an additional lab fee for students enrolled in the physics courses.


 After-School Program

The cost for after-school sessions is $10 per session per student.


Summer Physics Camp

A flat fee of $350 per student, per summer course (includes all the materials the student will require to complete the activities and labs). 



There is a maximum of six (6) students per program class/session. A waiting list will be maintained and selection will be conducted on a FIFO basis. Students will be expected to participate in a code of conduct agreement and be prepared with books, homework, notebooks, writing utensils, etc., for every class session. There is an expectation that students will share time and classroom resources.