Individual & Group Tutoring

We provide experienced and innovative tutoring in a variety of math and physics topics. Our business offers friendly and compassionate guidance and education to those who are struggling as well as those who want to push the envelope. Each session will be catered to your expectations; you have the ability to keep the scope small or expand your knowledge through alternative discussions and demonstrations. You can expect quality, focused attention and support, as well as a welcoming, compassionate, and sustainable experience. 

Individual or group sessions are available and can be scheduled through the link below, by calling/texting (231) 818-8148, or by email to


The staff is experienced in a wide variety of mathematical topics. Although we are well-versed in assisting college students, we know what is expected by the local school systems and are prepared to assist you with any form of elementary or secondary curriculum. Courses we assist you with include (and are not limited to) the following:

Elementary Mathematics
Linear Algebra
Transforms & Analysis


We can assist in classical physics as well as discuss elements of the quantum world. We have practical experience in the application and research of sound and underwater acoustics. We can provide a variety of lab equipment to be used during sessions–greatly enhancing your learning experience.

Other Topics

Although we specialize in Math and Physics, our staff is able to handle a wide variety of topics. Feel free to reach out to us to see if we can provide some help in alternate disciplines and topics.


The cost of one hour of tutoring per student ranges on a sliding scale from $20.00 to $40.00. Northern Academics has always be committed to providing our community’s students quality services at rates that fit a variety of budgets.

Groups can reduce the individual costs by $5.00 per hour for each additional student added to a session (to a max of 3 students total). Payments are expected at the time of services, but alternative arrangements can be made for multiple or long-term sessions.